Histroypng    Present day Central College Piliyandala come into existence as a result of the meritorious deed of Ven.Mampe Saranapala Thera,who through of starting a Buddhist School to save the village Buddhist children from discreet baptizing program carried through the Christian education system they received at Mampe Christian School, at that time. 

         In the Year 1887 Ven.Mampe Saranapala Thera started teaching, in the small coconut thatched Room which was used for Bana Preaching in his temple at Mampe. Without Stopping there,Ven.Priest advised Upasaka people arounnd him to start Buddhist schools in the area. As a result of his guidance and advice Mattegoda School,Venivalkola School,Kesbewa Girls School came into existence and were managed by him. At the time went by, the number of children increased. Thatched room was not sufficient to keep the children. He met leaders of the village and explained the necessity of a large building and land. But he received only blank look from the village leaders.

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Last Updated - Sunday,01 August ,2010

International tournament of karate

Two students of our college namely Imesh Udayanga of 6H and Dulika Nuwan Udara of 8G classes emerged the third and fourth from the “Kathru “ event of Shikokukai International Karate competition representing Sri Lanka which was held on the third of July 2010 at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium.

 Cricket match(staff)

The members of the staff who played for the central college under the leadership of the principal was able to gain a huge victory of 8 wickets from the match held with the Horana Thakshila College staff cricket team. Mr. Sisira Kumara was able to score 54 marks (not out).

 School cadets

At the competitions organized by the 12’th battalion of school Cadets our school was able to emerge as

  • The best girl cadets
  • Best boy cadets
  • Best cadet band


And Sergeant W.H.H.Kalana Wijesinghe emerged the most talented sergeant of the 12’th battalion.

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