About us

     The Piliyandala Central College situated within the Kesbewa divisional secretariat area in salpiti korale palle pattuwa is a pearl of  Matha Sri Lanka’s necklace. The school, which produced useful children to the country as well as  to the world in carrying out the same duty to create more and more scientists and intellectual on made up to now. Educational affairs of the school have been separated into two sections while A/Level stream in classified by  three sections usually, Science and Mathematics , Commerce and Arts . A considerable number of students are qualified to enter universities through all these sections. The secondary section is comprised by classes from 6-11.                                                                                   

   Development of  physical resources of the school is very satisfactory. The school has been selected as one of the three sports school, to be set-up. In this connection, a grand scale playground is in progress while a swimming pool in also to be constructed. Distinctive part of A/Level curriculum of this school is miscellaneous subjects. Accordingly, subjects such as Home Science, Japanese, Drama and play, Mass Media and Business statistics are taught. Steps are taken to promote educational merits of children directing them towards various alumni societies. Among them, Annual Arts festival continued with Art sarasavi kala sangamaya, Commerce society and commerce day festival, science societies and science Exhibitions are such few activities.                                                                              

   Central College  Piliyandalahas attained a proud name in sports for over several decades. Our past pupils have made number of records in the national level games. Presently facilities are  available for almost every sport. Particularly cricket , rugby, football, chess, badminton, karate, wushu, basketball, carom, netball, volleyball and athletic. A past pupils association and the junior pupils association are making a valuable contribution to all affairs of the school and their affiliated branches are active in the UK, USA and several other countries.                                                                                      The principal and other community are working to direct the entire setup towards a target that combined with educational, sports achievements as well as moral principals of  children.


School anthem of Central College Piliyandala


National anthem of Sri Lanka